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Welcome to the site autoclicker.in.

I am Maria. I like playing games and listening to music. I am passionate about trendy tools that assist in gaming and continuously looking for such software tools. I also pass my boring time by playing idle games. These are the incremental games that require continuous click or tap actions while playing. Sometimes, I fail to achieve targets because of rapid clicks. So I decided to search and use the tool that helps me to achieve higher clicks.

For that, I have searched a lot and found some good options that actually useful for gaming. After personal use, I feel that these tools are really beneficial for me as well as other users. So, I made a list of these tools called Auto Clickers.

Auto Clickers are the software tools that are used to produce Mouse Clicks or Taps on your screen with its automation features. Yeah, there are many such software tools available. However, I have listed some good options for you and I hope you find them beneficial as per your need.

These auto clicker tools consist of many parameters such as –

  • Click Time Intervals
  • Clicks Types and Directions
  • Click Limit that you can set as per your choices.
  • CPM Rate (Clicks Per Minute – How many clicks you want to perform in a minute)

Please note that these mouse clickers are for your personal use. I suggest, do not use these auto clickers in any gaming competitions that look unfair. You can improve your clicks per second limit and enhance your gaming experience as well.

As I am continuously looking for such software and definitely post all these here so that the end user explore and apply it. Please share auto clickers with your friends and if you have any questions, suggestions, or recommendations,  do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank You,


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